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DAP History Enigma

Things are not looking good for the DAP at the moment.

All of these hassle started since their 16th Annual CEC last December. With more and more proof that the DAP are being corrupted and manipulative to the core, more members are getting tired and thus leaving this once prominent party.

DAP has always been the threat to Malaysia's prosperity and well-being. Their idea of Chauvinism has always been the selling point to the hardcore party members. But since their first state-win of Penang in 2008, they have been proven not to do any good for Penang or even the country. It has been quoted by one of their Indian member from KL, Mr. Yogasigamany that the top leaders of the party have failed to educate their Chinese assemblymen to respect, serve and communicate with  the rakyat from different races.

This has been proved by action such as YB Phillip Tan from Telok Datok, YB Teresa Kok from Seputeh, YB Ronnie Liu from Klang and the list would go on. Even their Supreme Leader, YB Lim Kit Siang and his son TB Lim Guan Eng whom are being noted as arrogant and even ignorance. Their spirit of Malaysian Malaysia does not truly lived with them. They are what Lee Kuan Yew was before.

It should be highlighted that the DAP did not have any influence during the independence. It was formed almost 9 years after Merdeka Day. Their forefather, the PAP of Singapore was not even in the fight for Malaya's Independence. Their base was in the heart of Singapore and after voted out from Malaysia in 1965, they left their prodigal son, Lim Kit Siang to lead on the party aspiration under the name of DAP which we knew today.
In short, it can be easily seen that DAP does not carry the spirit of the Independence at all. They have played no part and they have not sacrificed anything. What they carry with them until today is the bitter after-taste being rejected from the Federation of Malaysia. With them are only the thirst of vengeance.

Unlike the MCA which represents the Chinese and also MIC which represents the Indian, they alongside UMNO fought for the freedom of this nation. They understood what is the meaning of sacrifice and value the comradeship shown by the UMNO to them. The Chinese of MCA was never the radical type. They were more sociable, easy to interact with and mostly accommodating other party components from different races.

If you look further down the history lane, the rivalry of MCA and DAP started long time ago before they adopted their party names. Need to be remember among the Chinese, that they were once outsiders brought from China during British years to serve in Malaya. With them, they brought along their secret society and all Malaysians had learned this during their school years.

They were known as the Gee Hin and Hai San. The Gee Hins were the more traditional Chinese and still practice Buddhism until today. Whereas the Hai Sans took Christianity as their religion and adopted much of the Western lifestyle. Until today some resemblance can be seen in MCA as the Gee Hin and DAP as the Hai San. This resemblance cannot be proven right or wrong.

Much of the MCA and DAP rivalry were born naturally. Even the prominent religion in MCA is still Buddhism and DAP is still Christians. This point of view is still up to be debated but interesting enough, the DAP treasured Dr. Sun Yatt Sen as one of their icon. Proven by the DAP emotions towards the house which Dr. Sun had visited in Penang during his exiled years. Also to be noted that Dr. Sun Yatt Sen was the first President and founder of Republic of China. Easily to be understood why DAP's dream is to change Malaysia as a Republic. Hence came their catch phrase of slogan of 'Ubah'.

You can never dismiss these notions when study about the relations between the MCA and DAP.

Article taken from: sinismalaysia

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