Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The problem that the authoritarian DAP is this. As the Party members become more educated, and as they have more access to the Internet, it is unavoidable that they become more critical. At the same time, this insecure one chauvinist DAP hooligan state of the Lim Kit Siang dynasty family simply cannot allow such a feedback of information to dilute their members programing minds, because if allowed to continue, it will become a revolution and topple them.

The reason for their insecurity is simply because their authority is clearly illegitimate. It is not based on law. In fact, one can go so far as to say their Party undemocratic practices are simply illegal.

This is because the very foundations of their chauvinist Party are illegitimate. For one, there is no rule of law, while the hand picked principle guru DAP mandates it. Every DAP knows that the law within the corrupted Party are routinely bent to destroy political opponents or to favor dynasty Lim's supporters against backlash critics. There are no free and independent newspapers as the DAP practitioners demand. There is no racial equality in violation of the Party. There's no right to freedom of speech expression or assembly even though these rights are clearly spelt out in the DAP shrine. In such an atmosphere where the Party mandatory head blatantly abuses member's rights, it becomes dangerous to allow any criticism since it will clearly have the result of removing them from Party.

As a result, in order to remain in power without any real legitimacy, the Lim Kim Siang dynasty DAP is forced to use violence and arrests against any critic to make sure they are denied the ability to make public their feelings. This is why we see periodically almost in a routine fashion, headline news in their state controlled newspapers ''Penang'' etc, so and so has been taken in for investigation for criticizing that so and so was sent a lawyer's letter.

The corruption within DAP dynasty ruling apparently are preparing to galvanise their arsenal movement with racist sentiment injection to topple out the legitimate sovereign elected Government head by Najib for a new Chinese base republic country in the Nusantara region.

Prime Minister Najib, you have given more than adequate! Enough is enough. No more goodies that against the Constitution for the chauvinist ingrate immigrants from Tongsan. A lesson to be learnt. Malay's please wake up!!!


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